SISN Advanced School 2018

Date 18. June 2018 - 22. June 2018


Bolzano, Italy


The present Advanced School organized by the Italian Society of Neutron Spectroscopy is addressed to specializing students, PhD students, post-docs and researchers (with no limitation in age) with some experience in neutron scattering and interested in deepening their knowledge about the statistical and computational methods of typical aid in neutron data analysis and interpretation. A highly interactive environment is expected: with lecturers, tutors and participants in continuous interaction, in the spirit of a workshop or symposium. Data handling, specific correction procedures, main analysis programs, and simulation techniques will be dealt with for neutron diffraction, inelastic and quasi-elastic spectroscopy, and small-angle scattering, in the attempt of facing the main difficulties that can be encountered AFTER the, sometimes trivial, collection of count rates in a file. Innumerable details regard welldone neutron data analysis, and the ways to reach some confidence about the reliability of the results, based either on comparison with simulation data or by statistical checks, or finally by physical soundness.

The lectures are generally envisaged to be in English. Only in the absence of non-Italian people in the audience (composed of both lecturers/tutors and participants) the spoken language might be agreed to be Italian. The general lectures will be followed by equally very important tutorials, which are meant to be the core of the school and the topic moment for discussion and exchange between tutors and participants. Tutorials are intended to give specific information on the typical tools used for data treatment and evaluation of the results in the various areas relevant to neutron scattering.



Italian Society of Neutron Spectroscopy (SISN)

Contact Name

Alessio De Francesco




SISN Advanced School 2018 - Preliminary Programme

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