Workshop WP10 - Software for Data Treatment

Date 24. April 2017 - 25. April 2017


Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble


The current tentative plan is to discuss the integration of captured requirements into plans for development as well as having the usual status updates.

On the second day, the plan is to have parallel sessions on the different software that we are looking at. Expert users and developers and other people we would like to see as early adopters and / or contributors to the codes are welcome. We will demonstrate the codes and how it is possible to contribute to the code. Feedback is welcome.

The parallel sessions will be on SANS, reflectometry, Mantid, imaging, and muons, and QENS.


Thomas Holm Rod and Miguel A. Gonzalez

Contact Name

Thomas Holm Rod




Report on Workshop II in SINE2020 WP 10 on Data Treatment

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