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December 2018: e-newsletter #14

Dear colleagues,

The 14th edition of our Inside SINE2020 newsletter will bring you the following news:

News of SINE2020:

  • SINE2020 Grant No. 654000 has been acknowledged in its 50th 2018 paper!
  • Data Treatment Software information now on website
  • The Road to the ESS: Join us as we celebrate the SINE2020 collaborators and achievements


  • Neutrons for the Biotech Industry
  • SYNERGI 2019
  • Case study: Caretag

From the world of neutrons:

  • The latest neutron news
  • Job vacancies

The SINE2020 Coordination Team

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SINE2020: Project News

50 Journal Papers for 2018

Authors of 50 scientific papers have acknowledged SINE2020 Grant Agreement No. 654000 in their publications this year.

15 of these papers have directly involved project funding in Germany (JCNS), Switzerland (PSI), Portugal (LIP), France (ILL), Italy (Uni of Parma), Sweden (ESS) and the UK (ISIS) covering a range of research from Detectors, Atomistic Modelling and online learning.

Over 30 of the 2018 papers have used SasView which uses codes developed in the SINE2020 project under Work Package 10: Data Treatment.

This milestone brings the total publication output of SINE2020 up to 85 since the beginning of the project in 2015. Let us see if we can make it over 100 in the final 10 months!

N.B. If you have acknowledged the SINE2020 project in a publication and it is not listed in our publication list, please let us know so we can add it.

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Data Treatment Software now on SINE2020 website

We now have a list of Software related to our Work Package: Data Treatment all in one place on the SINE2020 website. Here you can find descriptions and links to downloads and supporting information for: BornAgain, Mantid, MDANSE, MUESR, MuhRec and SasView.

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The Road to the ESS map of collaborators

Celebrating SINE2020: The Road to the ESS

The last year of our four-year SINE2020 project is underway. We want to celebrate the work and achievements of the 12 participating countries by taking a road trip across Europe. Over the next 12 months we will look at how our consortium has paved the way to efficient, user-friendly exisiting neutron sources, and of course the European Spallation Source (ESS) currently being constructed; bringing industry, collaboration and innovation onboard en route.

We will explore the contribution of each country – Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom – not only to the SINE2020 project but to European neutron facilities and the world of neutrons too.

The first stop is Portugal. Already you can find out about the work at LIP Coimbra on Resistive Plate Chambers and the quest to make them into a great neutron detector. Spain coming soon!

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SINE2020: Industry

Neutrons for the Biotech Industry

University of Zaragoza, Spain from 28th – 29th March 2019.

SINE2020 will be hosting an industry event for the Biotech Industry with opportunities to talk to neutron experts about how neutron techniques can be used in biotechnological applications.

REMINDER: Applications for SINE2020's free feasibility studies for industry are open until April 2019

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SYNERGI2019 dates announced

Following on from the success of SYNERGI2018 in Amsterdam, SINE2020 will be hosting the next installment: SYNERGI2019 which will focus on the Chemical Industry.

This event will be held at the L'Embarcadère in Lyon, France on 1st April 2019.

For further details, registration information and updates, go to our dedicated SYNERGI2019 webpage.

Caretag Case Study

Case Study: Caretag

Caretag Surgical in Denmark are one of the latest companies to take advantage of SINE2020's free feasibility studies.

This case study shows the benefits of understanding the encapsulating material around embedded electronics in surgical tools and how neutron tomography can assess the integrity of materials, especially important when they are used for medicine and healthcare.

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From the world of neutrons:

Women in Neutron Science wants to expand its Women in Science section of the website with inspirational stories and profiles from active female neutron researchers. If you would like to provide a profile or have information, events or articles that you would like to share with the neutron community, please get in touch at We would love to hear from you!
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Neutron cartoon

For any French speakers out there, Laboratoire Leon Brillouin have recently issued a cartoon on the life of researchers in a neutron scattering facility. You can read it here (only available in French)

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President Sergio Mattarella of Italy (l) and King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (r) inaugurating the first major technical components to be commissioned at the European Spallation Source: the Accelerator’s Ion Source and LEBT. PHOTO: Annika Persson, Precious People

State Visit Inaugurates Machine Commissioning at ESS

High-level Swedish and Italian delegations, led by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and President Sergio Mattarella of Italy, came together to inaugurate the first major technical components to be commissioned at the European Spallation Source: the Accelerator’s Ion Source and LEBT.
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Entanglement. A cross‐section view into a web of interpenetrated polymer chains is shown.

Neutrons on the quest to find the fifth dimension in star polymer dynamics

A combination of high performance computing and neutron scattering is a powerful tool of discovery for new materials that improve our quality of life and respect the environment.

Source: ILL

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Job vacancies

  • Postdoctoral Researcher Associate in Neutron Instrumentation/Sample Environment, China
  • Associate Scientist in Polarized Neutrons, China
  • Instrument Scientist in Experimental Physics, Germany
  • PhD Fellowships, Hong Kong
  • Postdoctoral Position in Ab Initio Modelling, USA
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate – Accelerator Physicist, USA
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate – Accelerator Physics Applications Developer, USA
  • Senior Officer for the Scientific Coordination and User Office, Sweden
  • Lead Scientist – Centralised Polarisation System for Neutron Scattering Instruments, Sweden
  • Instrument Scientists for ODIN, Sweden
  • Scientist Software Programmers, France

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EVENTS in 2019: Meetings, Conferences, Conventions and Exhibitions

The events calendar is regularly updated and can be found here

December 2018

19. December 2018 – 21. December 2018
BornAgain School and User Meeting

January 2019

21. January 2019 – 25. January 2019
Horace and SpinW Workshop

17. January 2019 – 18. January 2019
Automation in Beamline Control and Data Acquisition

14. January 2019 – 18. January 20192019
Joint MMM-Intermag Conference

February 2019

24. February 2019 – 27. February 2019
27th Seminar on Activation Analysis and Gamma Spectrometry

March 2019

31. March 2019 – 05. April 2019
Matrac 2 School

28. March 2019 – 29. March 2019
Annual Texture Symposium of DGM-SF2M

11. March 2019 – 22. March 2019
50th IFF Spring School 2019

April 2019

08. April 2019 – 10. April 2019
Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures

July 2019

08. July 2019 – 11. July 2019

04. July 2019 – 07. July 2019
Neutrons for information and quantum technology

01. July 2019 – 05. July 2019
European Conference on Neutron Scattering (ECNS) 2019

September 2019

23. September 2019 – 26. September 2019
The 3rd J-PARC Symposium

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