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April 2019: e-newsletter #16

Dear colleagues,

The 16th edition of our Inside SINE2020 newsletter will bring you the following news:

News of SINE2020:

  • General Assembly 2019 in Bilbao, Spain. REGISTER NOW!
  • The Road to the ESS: We've visited Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic.
  • Work package 8 E-tools Satellite Workshop in St Petersburg
  • Workshop IV for Data Treatment in Lund
  • Neutrons for Membrane Biophysics School


  • Neutrons for the Biotech Industry
  • New Case Study: Novozymes
  • Animated videos for neutron techniques
  • Feasibility offers available until the end of the month!

From the world of neutrons:

  • The latest neutron news
  • Job vacancies

The SINE2020 Coordination Team

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SINE2020: Project News

Aretoa building

SINE2020 General Assembly 2019 in Bilbao, Spain

The next and final General Assembly for SINE2020 will be held from Monday 27th – Wednesday 29th May 2019 in Bilbao, Spain. Please REGISTER NOW!

A full timetable for the event, and some accommodation options, is available on the event page.

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The Road to the ESS map of collaborators

Celebrating SINE2020: The Road to the ESS

With only 6 months to go, we are continuing our journey through Europe on The Road to the ESS. We have travelled through Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Read about Neutron Schools, Shielding, Atomic Modelling for Data Treatment. Stay tuned to The Road to the ESS.

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SINE2020's E-tools Satellite Workshop Announced

SINE2020's Work Package 8 Instrumentation: E-tools have announced their workshop on

Innovative Simulation Tools, Shielding and Instrumentation 2019 (ISTSI2019)

to be held at the Holiday Inn in St Petersburg, Russia on Saturday 29th June 2019.

The workshop brings together the partners of the SINE2020 WP8 that have contributed work in the areas of

  • Integrated simulation using neutronics and Monte Carlo ray-tracing
  • Innovative Shielding Concepts and Materials
  • Compact Instrumentation for Larmor Labelling applications at the ESS
    For more information and registration, please consult the website.

It will be a satellite event for ECNS2019 being held from 30th June to 5th July in St Petersburg, Russia.

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Data Treatment's Workshop IV in Lund, Sweden

Work package 10: Data Treatment will be holding their final Workshop IV in Lund, Sweden from 21st – 24th May. This workshop is one of the Key Performance Indicators for the SINE2020 project.

Neutrons for Membrane Physics

Neutrons for Membrane Biophysics School

SINE2020 is supporting a Neutrons for Membrane Biophysics School in Garching, Germany from 15th – 19th July 2019.

The event will focus on the use of neutrons and molecular deuteration to enable early career researchers, mainly PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, to provide fresh insight into problems in membrane biophysics.
More information on the content, scope and logistical details can be found on their website.

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SINE2020: Industry

Neutrons for the Biotech Industry:

SINE2020 held a successful Industry event in Zaragoza, Spain from 28th-29th March 2019. Participants heard from neutron experts who showcased the use of neutrons in the fields of biology and biotechnology. You can read more about the event here.

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Novozymes Case Study

New Case Study: Novozymes

Novozymes in Denmark have taken advantage of SINE2020's free feasibility studies.

This case study shows how SANS and SESANS can be used to study nanostructure in in enzyme based laundry detergents.

As well as Novozymes we also have a new Case Study on how neutrons can be used to build a car.

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Animation videos of neutron techniques

New videos and animations, created in collaboration with SINE2020, about Residual Stress Measurements and SANS are now available to view and share.

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Last chance for feasibility studies!

The last opportunity to apply for free feasibility studies as part of SINE2020 is 30th April 2019. Apply now!

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From the world of neutrons:

Neutrons paint atomic portrait

Neutrons paint atomic portrait of prototypical cell signaling enzyme—protein kinase A

Direct observations of the structure and catalytic mechanism of a prototypical kinase enzyme—protein kinase A or PKA—will provide researchers and drug developers with significantly enhanced abilities to understand and treat fatal diseases and neurological disorders such as cancer, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis.

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Williams F1

Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures (PARI III) Conference

The third PARI conference was held at STFC's ISIS Neutrons and Muon Source in Harwell, UK from 8-10th April 2019.

Over 100 delegates, many from communications and scientific outreach roles, gathered together to network and share knowledge and experience on equality and diversity, communicating communications and distributed infrastructures and to hear some inspiring and thought-provoking plenary speakers. Of course, the cherry on the top was a conference dinner at nearby Williams F1 where we had the chance to marvel at the evolution of their racing cars over a prosecco or two.

STFC Communications teams have produced a short video on the event which you can view here.

Job vacancies

  • R&D Professional 2 – Diffraction Neutron Scattering Scientist, USA
  • 2 year Post-doc position, University of Lyon, France
  • Neutron Scattering Scientist Positions, China
  • Postdoc in Physics or Chemistry for the development of advanced sample environment equipment, Germany
  • PhD Position at University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
  • Instrument Scientist for CSPEC, Sweden
  • Instrument Scientist, Germany
  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Solid State Chemistry, Australia
  • Professor at IMSS, Japan
  • Instrument Scientist – Neutron Imaging (IMAT), UK
  • Postdoctoral research assistant for polarized gas system, China

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EVENTS in 2019: Meetings, Conferences, Conventions and Exhibitions

The events calendar is regularly updated and can be found here

April 2019

15. April 2019 – 17. April 2019
Tutorial on modern modeling methods in neutron spectroscopy

29. April 2019 – 01. May 2019
UK Neutron & Muon Science and User Meeting 2019

June 2019

04. June 2019 – 07. June 2019
Neutrons for information and quantum technology

09. June 2019 – 14. June 2019

17. June 2019 – 19. June 2019
1st Bilbao Neutron School

23. June 2019 – 28. June 2019
ANSTO-HZB Neutron School

16. June 2019 – 29. June 2019
21st National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering

July 2019

28. July 2019 – 10. August 2019
Travelling Seminar

22. July 2019 – 26. July 2019
CHRNS Summer School on Methods and Applications of Neutron Spectroscopy.

15. July 2019 – 19. July 2019
Neutrons for Membrane Biophysics School

08. July 2019 – 11. July 2019

08. July 2019 – 12. July 2019
Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Exotic Spin Structures

01. July 2019 – 05. July 2019
European Conference on Neutron Scattering (ECNS) 2019

August 2019

04. August 2019 – 11. August 2019
RACIRI Summer School 2019

18. August 2019 – 23. August 2019
32nd European Crystallographic Meeting

September 2019

02. September 2019 – 13. September 2019
23rd JCNS Laboratory Course – Neutron Scattering 2019

02. September 2019 – 13. September 2019
16th Oxford School on Neutron Scattering

23. September 2019 – 26. September 2019
The 3rd J-PARC Symposium

02. September 2019 – 06. September 2019
SISN Neutrons and Muons for Magnetism School 2019

01. September 2019 – 28. September 2019
X-Ray and Neutron Science Summer School

December 2019

01. December 2019 – 06. December 2019
Advanced Materials Exploration with Neutrons

Coming up in 2020!

23. March 2020 – 03. April 2020
51st IFF Spring School 2020 – Quantum Technology

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