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February 2019: e-newsletter #15

Dear colleagues,

The 15th edition of our Inside SINE2020 newsletter will bring you the following news:

News of SINE2020:

  • General Assembly 2019 will be in Bilbao, Spain
  • EU flag and Grant statement
  • The Road to the ESS: We've visited Portugal, Spain and France.
  • Bilbao Neutron School


  • Neutrons for the Biotech Industry: Registration Open
  • SYNERGI 2019: Registration Open
  • New Case Study: EDF

From the world of neutrons:

  • The latest neutron news
  • Job vacancies

The SINE2020 Coordination Team

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SINE2020: Project News

Aretoa building

SINE2020 General Assembly 2019 in Bilbao, Spain

The next and final General Assembly for SINE2020 will be held from Monday 27th – Wednesday 29th May 2019 in Bilbao, Spain.

Individual work package meetings will be held on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning and the General Assembly itself will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, with an evening dinner on Tuesday evening.

More details on the event, including registration is available on the event page.

EU Funding Statement

EU Flag and Grant statement now on SINE2020 website front page

A reminder of how important it is to ensure you include the EU Flag and Funding statement: This project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 654000 on EVERY publication and communication related to SINE2020 that you produce – posters, presentations etc.

To make it easier, there are now Quick Access downloads (jpg and png, colour and black & white) available on the right-hand side of the homepage. Now there is no excuse.

The Road to the ESS map of collaborators

Celebrating SINE2020: The Road to the ESS

We are journeying through Europe on The Road to the ESS visiting all the countries collaborating in SINE2020 and the efforts towards more efficient and effective neutron and muon sources. We've discovered Resistive Plate Chambers in Portugal, MC Simulations in Spain and celebrated the events, people and institutions from these countries that have contributed to the project.

Now we are travelling through France. We have reports on Mantid at ILL, Micromegas detectors and Advanced Neutron Schools, plus plenty more news, coming to a website near you soon. Read more and stay tuned to The Road to the ESS.


1st Bilbao Neutron School 2019 Announced

The 1st Bilbao Neutron School 2019 (BNS2019): Science and instrumentation for Compact Accelerator-driven Neutron Sources (CANS) will take place in Bilbao from 17-19 June 2019.

The focus of this specialized school is in science and instrumentation adapted to CANS. The school will be a three day event organized by ESS-Bilbao and partially supported by SINE2020. More information will be available on their website when it is ready.


SINE2020 is supporting many other neutron schools, both introductory and advanced, too. Information on those coming up in 2019 can be found on the SINE2020 Schools page. These include: Matrac 2, CETS, JCNS, ADD 2019, Hercules, Oxford School, SISN Intro and SINS Advanced 2019. Many have just opened up their applications and registrations!

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SINE2020: Industry

Neutrons for the Biotech Industry: Registration Open

Registration for SINE2020's industry event for the Biotech Industry is now open. You can register on our event page.

Join us at the Aragon Materials Science Institute, ICMA (CSIC – University of Zaragoza) for SINE2020’s Neutrons for the Biotech Industry event where you can find out how neutrons can help your company and your research. At this event you will meet experts from the field of neutron scattering who will introduce you to several examples in their presentations. They will also be ready to discuss your particular questions in topic-related working groups.

Start: 12.30 Thursday 28th March 2019
End: 13.30 Friday 29th March 2019

Programme: Presentations and workshops on applications for neutron analytical techniques in the field of Biotechnology.

REMINDER: Applications for SINE2020's free feasibility studies for industry are open until April 2019

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SYNERGI2019: Registration now open!

SYNERGI is an event that gives you an insight into neutron and synchrotron characterisation techniques for R&D, introducing techniques that allow materials and device investigation far beyond conventional laboratory capabilities.

• Chemical engineering and catalysis
• Food, agriculture and consumer products
• Biochemistry and pharmaceutical development
• Petrochemicals & gas
• Environmental chemistry

This event will be held at the L'Embarcadère in Lyon, France on 1st April 2019.

For further details, registration information and updates, go to our dedicated SYNERGI2019 webpage

EDF Case Study

New Case Study: EDF

EDF in France have taken advantage of SINE2020's free feasibility studies.

This case study shows how neutron diffraction can be used to identify and understand the strcture of Ni-Cr based alloys. You can read all about the tests here.

As well as EDF's Case study we also have other new case studies on immunoassays, batteries and meat replacers to showcase the potential of neutrons. You can find them on SINE2020's Case Study pages.

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From the world of neutrons:

BrightnESS² Kicks Off to Bring Together a Sustainable European Neutron Ecosystem

The BrightnESS2 project held their kick-off meeting in Rome, Italy. Research organisations and facilities from 11 different countries jointly set off on a three year journey to strengthen neutron scattering in Europe and create an ecosystem for sustainable science with ESS. They will work towards this goal under the banner of BrightnESS2, a project funded by Horizon 2020.

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Due to the local terbium environment in TblnO3, a honeycomb lattice of terbium spins emerges in the crystal structure upon cooling. Credit: University of Liverpool

Scientists discover new quantum spin liquid

An international research team led by the University of Liverpool and McMaster University has made a significant breakthrough in the search for new states of matter.

In a study published in the journal Nature Physics, researchers show that the perovskite-related metal oxide, TbInO3, exhibits a quantum spin liquid state, a long-sought-after and unusual state of matter.

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And a reminder…Women in Neutron Science wants to expand its Women in Science section of the website with inspirational stories and profiles from active female neutron researchers. If you would like to provide a profile or have information, events or articles that you would like to share with the neutron community, please get in touch at We would love to hear from you!

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Job vacancies

  • Postdoctoral Researcher Associate in Neutron Instrumentation/Sample Environment, China
  • Associate Scientist in Polarized Neutrons, China
  • Instrument Scientist in Experimental Physics, Germany
  • PhD Fellowships, Hong Kong
  • Postdoctoral Position in Ab Initio Modelling, USA
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate – Accelerator Physicist, USA
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate – Accelerator Physics Applications Developer, USA
  • Senior Officer for the Scientific Coordination and User Office, Sweden
  • Lead Scientist – Centralised Polarisation System for Neutron Scattering Instruments, Sweden
  • Instrument Scientists for ODIN, Sweden
  • Scientist Software Programmers, France
  • PhD Studentships, Germany
  • SANS scientific associate position, USA
  • Group Leader for ESS Spallation Physics, Sweden
  • Instrument Scientist for ODIN, Germany
  • Instrument Scientist at TUM, Germany
  • Diffraction Neutron Scattering Scientist, USA
  • Post-doctorate, France
  • Neutron Scattering Scientist Positions, China
  • Postdoctoral scientist (physics or chemistry) for scattering experiments at high magnetic fields, Germany

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EVENTS in 2019: Meetings, Conferences, Conventions and Exhibitions

The events calendar is regularly updated and can be found here

February 2019

10. February 2019 – 13. February 2019
53rd REIMEI International Workshop New Excitations in Spintronics

24. February 2019 – 27. February 2019
27th Seminar on Activation Analysis and Gamma Spectrometry

March 2019

31. March 2019 – 05. April 2019
Matrac 2 School

28. March 2019 – 29. March 2019
Annual Texture Symposium of DGM-SF2M

11. March 2019 – 22. March 2019
50th IFF Spring School 2019

April 2019

01. April 2019

08. April 2019 – 10. April 2019
Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures

June 2019

02. June 2019 – 06. June 2019
SISN Neutrons and Muons for Magnetism School 2019

04. June 2019 – 07. June 2019
Neutrons for information and quantum technology

09. June 2019 – 14. June 2019

17. June 2019 – 19. June 2019
1st Bilbao Neutron School

23. June 2019 – 28. June 2019
ANSTO-HZB Neutron School

16. June 2019 – 29. June 2019
21st National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering

July 2019

08. July 2019 – 11. July 2019

01. July 2019 – 05. July 2019
European Conference on Neutron Scattering (ECNS) 2019

September 2019

02. September 2019 – 13. September 2019
23rd JCNS Laboratory Course – Neutron Scattering 2019

02. September 2019 – 13. September 2019
16th Oxford School on Neutron Scattering

23. September 2019 – 26. September 2019
The 3rd J-PARC Symposium

europe flag

This project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654000.