A guide to publish articles in Open Access

Overview of Open Access publishing and rules for EU projects

Material kindly provided by Mathilde Pascal, ILL.

Open Access options

There are two ways to make an article open access:

A list of open access journals in physics, chemistry and materials science is available here.

At the bottom of this page you can download a guide for open access as well as see a flowchart on how to publish in open access.

For EU projects – SINE2020

All scientific peer-reviewed publications resulting from European projects funded through the H2020 programme, like SINE2020, must be available in open access. You can find the European Commission’s guidelines here.

Flowchart: How to publish an article in Open Access?

Open Access - flow chart Open Access - flow chart

Click to see the flowchart on how to publish an article in open access.


Open Access guide (by ILL) (3 MB)