The CETS School 2016: a summary

Thanks to SINE2020 support, 31 participants attended the Central European Training School in Budapest last May.


Participants at CETS 2016. © BNC.

, 05/07/2016
Source: BNC

The 10th edition of the Central European Training School on Neutron Techniques (CETS) was organized by Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC: Wigner Research Centre for Physics and Centre for Energy Research) between May 2 and 6 May 2016.


Training session at CETS2016. © BNC.

The school follows an over ten-year long tradition: at first it was organized every 2-3 years, whereas in recent years it is held annually. The primary aim of the school is to provide insights into the neutron beam based structure analysis of materials. In addition it provides a forum for students to connect their own area of research with neutron investigation methods.

This year the school hosted 31 participants from 18 countries, who have shown strong interest to learn the basics of the theory, practice and data treatment of neutron science. The 15 hours of theoretical training were delivered by international researchers from renown facilities. After learning the theory, the students could employ what they learned over 14 hours of practical training at the BNC neutron facilities. To conclude the school, participants received well-deserved diplomas. Special awards were given to the most active participants.

The CETS school is financially supported by SINE2020. The support is fundamental to ensure a stable number of participants who can have their travel expenses covered. For further information on the SINE2020 Education&Training Activities click here .

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