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Probing matter with neutrons is non-destructive!

, 28/09/2016

You don’t know what neutrons are capable of? You can visit our homepage or simply ! Neutrons can reveal hydrogen easily while penetrating through several centimetres of metal. Neutrons can also reveal atomic ordering of matter in situ. More at

SINE2020 Industry Consultancy: what we offer SINE2020 Industry Consultancy: what we offer

The SINE2020 project offers the opportunity to use Europe’s leading neutron facilities for your company's R&D. Call for applications is open. This offer is relevant for all companies within the following industries:

A feasibility study, which we offer for free, includes the following:

Please note:

The deadline for proposals is Jan 21th. Incoming proposals will be evaluated continuously and the decision about feasibility of the measurements and the appropriate facility will be announced within two to four weeks after the proposal is received. Do not hesitate to for any question!


To apply for free test measurements please fill in the form on our website .

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