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News and events related to the Industry WP

Would you like to know how neutrons can inform your company's development and innovation? Below you can find a list of events where members of the Industry WP will be present. If you're attending, don't hesitate to come talk to us! Contact: .


Materials Week 2017

Materials Week 2017


In a three-day’s conference accompanied with several sattelite meetings and a parallel exhibition which enables companies and research institutions to present their services in the fiels of instrumentation and materials research to more than 1200 participants. read more

BIOMODICS is back after a successful feasibility study within SINE2020

BIOMODICS is back after a successful feasibility study within SINE2020


In the framework of the ‘industry consultancy’ of the SINE2020 European project, an innovative Danish company used small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) at the Institute Laue Langevin (ILL) in France, to see how it could help them improve their patented new material that combines silicon and hydrogel. read more

NOW opening: FREE analysis of your material or device

NOW opening: FREE analysis of your material or device


Probing matter with neutrons is non-destructive. Apply by June 30, 2018! read more

Press Release: New analytical tools for engineering materials science

Press Release: New analytical tools for engineering materials science


You cannot solve your problem with conventional lab equipment? From 8 to 9 March 2018, SYNERGI 2018 will bring together industrial researchers and scientists from large-scale facilities at the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam. These unique facilities offer a deep insight into materials of all types. read more

Boosting innovation with neutrons

Boosting innovation with neutrons


SINE2020’s Industry Consultancy programme demonstrates the potential of neutron technology to European companies. As part of its drive to encourage industrial users to exploit the unique properties of neutron beams for R&D, SINE2020 can arrange for test measurements and feasibility studies to be performed free of charge at European neutron research facilities. read more

NOW opening: FREE analysis of your material or device at European neutron research facilities

NOW opening: FREE analysis of your material or device at European neutron research facilities


Probing matter with neutrons is non-destructive. Apply by June 30, 2017! read more

Events - 2018

11. June 2018 - 15. June 2018 European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing

Göteborg, Sweden


12th ECNDT provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen global collaboration. It is a unique occasion to see and to be seen by a large number of specialists in the field of NDT from all over the world. Take the opportunity to promote your organization in a unique exhibition environment where researchers and leading experts meet to share ideas and expertise.

SINE2020 will be present. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Contact Name

Marc Thiry and Caroline Boudou




SINE2020 Industry Support


09. April 2018 - 10. April 2018 Challenges in additive manufacturing industrial qualification: key solutions at large scale infrastructures

Grenoble, France


From process qualification until component certification, additive manufacturing presents big challenges as a new field of material processing with multiple new parameters. Therefore, new insights concerning characterization are envisaged for process and component standards and certification, as well as for experimental benchmark input for modellings.

European large installations ILL and ESRF offer a common frame for additive manufacturing industrial investigations, where unique static (scanning) and dynamic (in-situ) studies on stresses and imaging, from the nanometre until several centimetres range, are possible. To foster industrial escalation of additive manufacturing, we aim at bringing together industry and applied sciences to address key manufacturing issues regarding final quality assessment of products.

To have a look at the Program follow this link.

Why neutrons?

  • For non-destructive and bulk characterization: neutrons can penetrate several cm into matter.
  • For new information: neutrons interact in a different way with matter, hence giving another contrast, i.e. for hydrogen!
  • For sample environment and in-situ studies

Why Synchrotron?

  • High energy X-rays, allowing higher penetration depth for real 3D imaging of high density samples.
  • High intensity X-rays for non-destructive probing of material structure and devices with high spatial resolution from millimetres to nanometres.
  • High intensity X-rays for real time measurements with less than a microsecond time resolution and high-throughput analysis under real manufacturing and operating conditions.




Contact Name

Sandra Cabeza




08. March 2018 - 09. March 2018 SYNERGI2018

SYnchrotron and NEutron Radiation Go Industrial
New analytical tools for engineering materials science

Key note speeches on engineering applications
of neutron and synchrotron facilities:

  • Daigo Setoyama, Toyota Central R&D labs Inc., JP
  • Axel Müller, OHB System AG, DE
  • Hjalmar Staf, SANDVIK AB, SE

Business to Research Matchmaking
(in cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network)

Exhibition, research service providers
and research infrastructures

Detailed information and registration form are available a:

SYNERGI 2018 will demystify analytical Research Infrastructures (RIs)
for industry in the field of engineering, energy- and microtechnology.
Learn how RIs are already working with a wide range of buisnesses
and build with us a future vision of how RIs could be better integrated
into the regional and European innovation processes.

SYNERGI2018 event hosted by SINE2020

Contact Name

Dr. Marc Thiry







German Engineering Materials Science Centre (GEMS) Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (Außenstelle DESY)
Notkestr. 85
22607 Hamburg


SYNERGI 2018SYNERGI 2018 Flyer

26. February 2018 - 28. February 2018 Big Science Business Forum 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark


Big Science Business Forum 2018 will be the first one-stop-shop for European companies and other stakeholders to learn about Europe’s Big Science organisations’ future investments and procurements worth billions of euros. The forum will offer your business the chance to:

  • Learn about business opportunities in the coming years, within a wide range of business areas.
  • Meet representatives from Europe’s Big Science organisations and their key suppliers.
  • Network and establish long lasting partnerships via business-to-business meetings (B2B), business-to-customer meetings (B2C) and in the open exhibition area.
  • Get insight into procurement rules, IPR, technology transfer and how businesses can interplay with the Big Science market.

Big Science as a business area – 16 parallel sessions

BSBF2018 will address 16 topics of Big Science as a business area. Extensive parallel sessions will focus on Big Science investments in the coming years in the following areas:

  • A1 Procurement, IPR and standards
  • A2 Remote handling systems
  • A3 Cryogenic technology
  • A4 Affiliated Big Science organisations I (TBC)
  • B1 Technology transfer
  • B2 Superconductivity and superconducting magnets
  • B3 Safety systems, licensing and protection of hazardous installations, access control, fire and gas detection
  • B4 Affiliated Big Science organisations II (TBC)
  • C1 Electrical, electronics, electromechanical and RF systems
  • C2 High precision and large mechanical components – manufacturing and assembly
  • C3 Instrumentation and Control and CODAC
  • C4 Engineering methodologies and tools
  • D1 Diagnostics, detectors and instruments
  • D2 Vacuum and leak detection technologies
  • D3 Basic material technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques
  • D4 Information and Communication Technologies

The investment potential of Europe’s Big Science market – plenary session I

In the program’s pleanary session I, delegates have a unique opportunity to get to know the investment potential of Europe’s Big Science market when high level speakers from the nine organising Big Science organisations will present their individual organisations.

Best practices of the Big Science market – plenary session II

In plenary session II, delegates will get to know the best practices there is on the Big Science market when prime contractors, SMEs and Industry Liaison Officers participate in a roundtable discussion.

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BSBF 2018 - Programme


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