14. January 2019 - 18. January 2019 2019 Joint MMM-Intermag Conference

Washington, DC


The 2019 Joint MMM-Intermag Conference will be held at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC, from January 14 – 18, 2019. The Joint MMM-Intermag Conferences, convened every three years, are the combination of two annual premiere international conferences on magnetism: the IEEE International Magnetics Conference (Intermag) and the Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM). Members of the international scientific and engineering communities interested in recent developments in fundamental and applied magnetism are cordially invited to attend the Conference and actively participate in its technical sessions. The Conference provides an opportunity to share your research and interact with a large and broad collection of magnetism researchers, and to learn about the most recent developments in the field.

Technical Subject Categories

This Conference will include basic and applied science and technology related to the field of magnetism and magnetic materials. The technical subject categories are as follows:

  • Fundamental Properties and Cooperative Phenomena
    • Critical Phenomena
    • Highly Frustrated Magnetism and Spin Glasses
    • Quantum Spin Liquids
    • Heavy Fermions and f-electron Magnetism
    • Molecular and Organic Magnets
  • Magnetoelectronic Materials and Phenomena
    • Multiferroics and Magnetoelectric Phenomena
    • Complex Oxides
    • Topological Insulators and Dirac Materials
    • 2D and Layered van der Waals Materials
    • Magnetic Semiconductors
    • Heusler Alloys
  • Soft Magnetic Materials
    • Ferrites and Garnets
    • Crystalline Alloys
    • Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials
  • Hard Magnetic Materials
    • Rare-Earth Compounds
    • Intermetallic Alloys
    • Nanostructured Hard Magnetic Materials
    • Other Hard Magnetic Materials
  • Structured Materials
    • Thin Films and Surface Effects
    • Multi-Layered Films and Superlattices
    • Patterned Films
    • Exchange Bias
    • Nanoparticle and Nanowire Arrays
    • Individual Nanoparticle and Nanowire Behavior
  • Materials with Coupled Magnetic Functionality
    • Magneto-Optical Materials
    • Magneto-Elastic Materials
    • Magneto-Caloric Materials
    • New Coupled Magnetic Phenomena
  • Spintronics: Fundamentals and Devices
    • Magnetoresistance and Hall Effect (homogenous materials)
    • Magnetoresistance in Heterostructures (GMR, TMR, TAMR)
    • Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy and Switching
    • MRAM, Magnetic Logic, and Related Devices
    • Spin Injection and Spin Transfer Torques
    • Spin Currents, Spin Pumping, Spin Hall, and Related Effects
    • Antiferromagnetic Spintronics
    • Skyrmionics and Noncollinear Spin Textures
    • Spins in Graphene, Topological Insulators, and 2D Materials
  • Magnetization Dynamics and Micromagnetics
    • Magnetization Dynamics, Damping, and Ultrafast Switching
    • Spin Waves
    • Domain Wall Dynamics and Devices
    • Micromagnetic and Hysteresis Modeling
  • Magnetic Recording
    • Recording Media
    • Energy-Assisted and Optical Recording
    • Recording Systems and Modeling
  • Sensors (not Magnetic Recording), High Frequency and Power Devices
    • Sensors (non-recording)
    • Microwave and Millimeter Wave Materials and Devices
    • Power and Control Magnetics
    • Transformers and Inductors
    • Shielding and Levitation
    • Motors: Control and Drives
    • Motors: Modeling and Simulations
    • Motors: Applications
    • Motors: Actuators
    • New Applications
  • Magnetic Characterization
    • Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques
  • Interdisciplinary and Emerging Topics
    • Bio-Magnetism and Biomedical Applications
    • Magnetic Fluids and Separations
    • Chemical Magnetism, Geomagnetism, and Emerging Topics


The program will consist of invited and contributed
papers falling broadly within the scope of the categories listed
above. There will also be a Tutorial Session on Monday afternoon,
a Plenary Session on Wednesday afternoon, and Special
Evening Sessions during the week.


Suzanne G.E. te Velthuis

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