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ESS - Bilbao

The ESS Bilbao is a research centre for neutron science technologies based in Bilbao on the north coast of Spain. It is a consortium between the Spanish State Government and the Basque Autonomous Region and its foundation stems from Spain's bid to host the European Spallation Source – eventually awarded to Lund in Sweden where it is currently being built. Instead, ESS-Bilbao is the in-kind partner for the design and construction of the new ESS Target System – where the spallation process will take place – to profit from expertise and experience of the Spanish nuclear community.

ESS-Bilbao is contributing to SINE2020 Work Package 8: E-tools for neutronics and Monte Carlo ray-tracing simulation tools and also with innovative shielding concepts and materials for use in neutron sources.

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In-kind Contributions to the ESS: Shielding and Target System

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