The Road to the ESS

The last year of our four-year SINE2020 project is underway. We want to celebrate the work and achievements of the 12 participating countries by taking a road trip across Europe. Over the next 12 months we will look at how our consortium has paved the way to efficient, user-friendly neutron sources such as ILL (France), MLZ (Germany), SINQ (Switzerland), ISIS (UK) and of course the European Spallation Source (ESS) currently being constructed in Lund, Sweden; bringing industry, collaboration and innovation onboard en route.

The Road to the ESS

We will explore the contribution of each country – Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom – not only to the SINE2020 project but to European neutron facilities and the world of neutrons too.

Every week we will post an item of interest, perhaps a recent research development or news story, related to our featured country, as we travel the road to the ESS.

Our first stop is Portugal!

Portugal flag Portugal flag


SINE2020 Partner: LIP Coimbra