Introducing is an interactive website for teaching and learning neutron and neutron-related techniques. It has been realised by a team in Denmark to allow current and potential users of large scale facilities to access learning materials that can support their use of neutron and muon experiments in their research. This is hugely important as facilities that offer user access are widely spread around the world and so, for many, neutron expertise and experience opportunities are not around the corner.

The SINE2020 team of Linda Udby and Viktor Holm at the University of Copenhagen and Peter Willendrup and Jakob Garde from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have been instrumental in developing and maintaining the learning platform over the last four years. They were also aided by Peter Baker, and students Tom Loe, Claire Wilde and Michale Oakley, from STFC in the UK to contribute the muon techniques learning material.

The website offers reading materials, online lectures and tutorials, feedback quizzes, simulated experiments operated through McStas and activities to suit many different learning styles. Registration to the website is free.

Watch our Introducing video for a bit more information.

Introducing (2 min)

We also have a shorter teaser version of the video here. Please feel free to use these videos to show students and users that may be interested, for example participants at Neutron Schools. is also designed to complement Neutron Schools and courses. If you are a teacher or organiser for any neutron courses, you may be interested in finding out what can offer teachers and supervisors.