Task completed!

Next generation pressure cells for neutron and muon research: The design of a new piston-cylinder-type hybrid pressure cell for µSR (muon-spin rotation/relaxation)

Abstract: PSI Piston cell Abstract: PSI Piston cell Abstract: PSI Piston cell

SINE2020, 28/06/2018

With the SINE2020 funding, we have employed a post-doc and gathered experts in high-pressure and µSR techniques with the aim to solve a number of issues encountered with existing piston-type cells used on µSR instruments at PSI. After a review (published here), the team has designed, built and commissioned successfully the new pressure cell described in the attached publication (see attached abstract). We met several times during the past few years and the PSI team also visited Konstantin Kamenev at the University of Edinburgh for learning specific high-pressure techniques (expert financed with the project).

At the end, they have acquired knowledge in high-pressure and developed a reliable pressure cell reaching 1.5x more pressure. Job completed and a big success!

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