Report on Workshop III in SINE2020 WP 10 on Data Treatment

Soragna, Italy
6-8 June 2018

Workshop III group photo Workshop III group photo

Participants of the Workshop III in SINE2020 WP 10 on Data Treatment

The focus of the 3rd workshop, which took place in Soragna, Italy on 6-8 June 2018 was on the broader user-community with the objectives of:

  • straightforward generation of scientific results for non-experts and industry
  • having data treatment software ready for users at the ESS in Lund,Sweden.

About 40 participants from different SINE2020 partners, and a few others, held presentations and discussions on the Work Package 10 of the SINE2020 project.

The talks included project updates on:

  • SaSView and Born Again for SANS and Reflectometry respectively
  • Mantid for Data Reduction
  • QENS
  • Imaging
  • muon spectroscopy

and a few other outside projects too.

In addition, presentations on Standards and Technology considerations of formats, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), documentation and outlook of this developing software were important to meet the needs of the intended users.

Importantly, there were also small group discussions on many of the projects above, as well as packaging, optimisation and of course the WP10 Deliverables, to allow a progress check and collaboration between all the SINE2020 researchers to take place.