Workshop I of the SINE2020 WP on Data Treatment

Fruitful discussions were held by 26 WP members who met at PSI in April to present the software programs the WP will focus on.

, 14/06/2016

Wokshop I Wokshop I Participants at Workshop I in WP10.

Participants at WP10 Workshop I at PSI.

Venue: Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Dates: April 4 – 5
Purpose: Coordination of activities
Participants: 26

The first Workshop of the SINE2020 collaboration on Data Treatment (work-package WP10) was held at the Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland on April 4-5, 2016, organized by Anders Kaestner from PSI and the WP10 Leader Thomas H. Rod from ESS. The workshop counted with 26 participants who were a mix of scientists, developers, and managers.


  1. Brief partner updates
  2. Presentations of each of the software programs that the WP will focus on
  3. Discussions

Wokshop I Wokshop I Collaboration in action. People have gathered in small cross-facility groups in order to share knowledge and experiences and discuss common issues.

Collaboration in action. People have gathered in small cross-facility groups in order to share knowledge and experiences and discuss common issues.

Participants reported on the status of their work and, in particular, member facilities presented the programs the WP focuses on i.e.:

  • Mantid for data reduction
  • SasView for analysis of SANS data
  • BornAgain for analysis of reflectometry data
  • nMoldyn/MDANSE for converting MD simulations to scattering cross sections
  • MuhRec/KipTool for analysis of imaging data

Current work on providing DFT based analysis software for muons and on Standard and Guidelines was also presented. Participants noted that the techniques employed for the presented programs were strikingly similar, pointing to an emerging software development standard within the field and hence favouring inter-operability.

After the presentations, participants discussed how to coordinate these activities for neutron scattering and neutron transmission techniques. The workshop provided a space for fruitful discussions and knowledge sharing between the development teams from the different facilities, as well as between scientists and developers. Members of this WP could decide on the next points of action.

Workshop II will be next year. On the agenda is the presentation of guidelines and standards and how they should be used to exploit and interface to the software developed in this WP. Further information can be found on

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